HR A.I Assistance

HR A.I Assistance

Optimize your recruitment procedures and elevate them to a new level using AI assistance. Our appefficiently analyzes candidates’ CVs based on your job description, assigning a 1-5 score to assess their suitability for the position. Additionally, it aids in bridging any gaps by suggesting pertinent questions to ask during the interview process. This innovative approach not only assists in finding the ideal candidate but also significantly reduces the time spent on manual tasks.

How to use monday HR AI Assistance app

1. Go to the app store and search for the HR A.I Assistance APP

2. Install the app on your  account.

3. Access the integration center and choose from our premade integration or go to the automation center and build a customized automation where you can use the app’s capabilities or use one of the premade integration recipes.

4. make sure your mapping all the requierds fild in the recipes.

5.after this all left to do is to enjoy automated work!

*Please be aware that there is a limitation of 100 operations per minute.

if you wish to run more operations than this, please reach out to us

hr ai automation

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