OCR A.I app for monday.com

OCR A.I app for monday.com

with our new and latest app for monday.com, you can now upload files like invoices and recipes to your board and execute data from them automated with smart  A.I will scan your files.

 In the first stage, our app will support invoices and quotes and allow you to execute data like the total amount in the file, date, and file serial number.


How to use monday.com OCR app

As a developer who is familiar with monday.com users’ needs, we built this app to be user user-friendly as we could. with integration recipes as you know, and with the capabilities to use our tool.

all you need to do is install our app, choose the recipes fit for you ( we support uploading a file to a column and creating new items) and that’s it!

you can also use our app to build more complex workflows and decide how to continue with your workflow with the information you get from our app

ocr app 2